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Is there a special project that you have a passion for, but have not been able to make a reality?

Rarely do people have everything they need at the beginning to accomplish what they want. So in order to make these dreams a reality they have to begin by working cooperatively. Proactive works with others on their dreams to turn them into reality.

24/7 seems to be our default settings nowadays. How and when will your dreams of creating or participating in a cause larger than yourself find its way into your life? Is the idea of creating a legacy on your to-do list? When you decide, are you going to start at zero? Build everything from the ground up?

Cooperation and collaboration are the cornerstones of Proactive Philanthropy. There are causes and unacceptable conditions that we are very passionate about. We want to create change. We have a very clear idea about how the process can work to make a positive contribution.

Are the causes we’re passionate about more important than your causes? The answer is no. Proactive has developed a capability and a process that is utilized as a template to make change and achieve positive social outcomes.

The benefits that Proactive creates with its innovative strategy are two-fold. Proactive is functionally creating an additional source of revenue for the nonprofit sector by utilizing capital goods and other assets not traditionally utilized to create charitable funding. This allows an additional source of revenue to be developed, without disrupting existing sources of revenue to the sector. The second is to increase the level of participation of individuals and companies in the nonprofit sector. Proactive becomes a “platform for participation.” This second part is just as important to us as the first.

Proactive works well with others. We increase our capacity to make positive change by working cooperatively with others. We can put our capacity to work on your dreams.

Our basic equation states that you solve problems and make progress by combining two ingredients; capital and expertise. We focus on creating the capital. We are confident the expertise is waiting for the opportunity to participate. What are you passionate about and what can you bring to the table? Are there some idea’s kicking around in your head that just need an organization with the capacity to bring it to fruition?

We live in a world of abundance, but mostly we are experiencing scarcity. Reinvesting our surplus will create abundance for those in need. The process of gathering, converting and reinvesting surplus goods into a virtuous cycle allows the entire process to run smoothly. Bringing to fruition your idea is another step in the process.

If you have an idea, give us a call. You will never know if this idea can be turned into a reality until you make that call.

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